State Contracts Related to Emergency Response

Some state contracts can be used by only one state agency. Others are open to use by any state agency, and, perhaps, by a local government, school or not for profit organization. Get more information:


DAS Services to Municipalities, Schools and Not-for-profit Organizations

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Current state contracts

Asbestos, Lead, Mold and Hazardous Material Abatement Services

For: “the abatement of asbestos-containing materials, lead, mold, and other hazardous materials by persons who are knowledgeable, qualified and trained … and the subsequent cleaning of the affected environment.”  See details starting at p. 34 of the PDF file

Open to: Dept. of Public Works, All Using State Agencies and Political Sub Divisions, Schools and Not for Profits

# 10PSX0238. Extended to 1/31/2017 Cover sheet

Business Recovery Services

For: a “configuration of machines, network services … and a facility … to use as a backup” in case of a disaster involving information technology –p. 4

Open to: Dept. of Information Technology

# 99ITZ0031MA. Expires 12/31/2050 Cover sheet

Disaster Debris Management Services

For: removing disaster generated debris and managing the recycling and disposal of the debris following a natural disaster or destructive event

Open to: The State of Connecticut, All Using State Agencies and Political Subdivisions

#14PSX0060. Expires 6/30/2019 Cover sheet

Emergency Response and Law Enforcement Equipment

For: Personal protective equipment, firefighter, law enforcement and hazmat equipment.

Open to: All Using State Agencies and Political subdivisions

#14PSX0287-IFB 22872. Expires 5/31/20. Cover sheet

Emergency Response and Recovery Services for Books, Records and Collections

For: Packing, freezing, drying and cleaning mostly paper-based library, archival or museum materials, including books and papers, manuscripts, administrative or other records and photographs. May also include films, videos, CDs or floppy disks.

Open to: All Using State Agencies, Political subdivisions and Not-For-Profit Organizations

#11PSX0299 Extended to 4/1/2020 Cover sheet PDF

Integrated Pest Management and Control Services

For: Initial inspection, creation of an integrated pest control plan, pest control services. See full description in Exhibit A Description of Services starting on (p. 37)

Open to: State Agencies, Municipalities, Political Subdivisions, Schools and Not-For-Profit Agencies

#15PSX0019. Expires 4/30/2019 Cover sheet

Library Binding Services

For: binding, rebinding, preservation photocopying and phase boxes, see details starting at p. 36 of the PDF.

Open to: All Using State Agencies and Political Sub-Divisions

#12PSX0037. Expires 2/28/2017. Cover sheet

Library furniture

For: library furniture items, such as circulation desks, tables, shelving, carrels, book trucks and other items of furniture used by libraries

Open to: All Using State Agencies, Political Subdivisions of the State and Non-For-Profit

#14PSX0303. Expires 5/31/2020 Cover sheet

Miscellaneous Library Supplies

For: library and archival supplies, not including furniture, see Exhibit A Description of Goods and Services (p.31) and Price Schedule (p.33) in the PDF.

Open to: “Contractor shall offer and extend the Contract (including pricing, terms and conditions) to political sub-divisions of the State (towns and municipalities), schools, and not-for-profit organizations” (Exhibit A)

#15PSX0030  Expires 9/30/2017 Cover sheet PDF

Moving and Storage Services

For: packing, transporting handling, installing and storing fine art. Also for Artifacts, Collectibles, Antiques, and Historical Items. Look at section 4 of the contract.

Open to: All Using State Agencies, Political Subdivisions and Not-For-profit Organizations

#14PSX0161. Expires: 9/30/2019 Cover sheet

Find other state contracts

Please note, state contracts have an expiration date. Some may be renewed, some may disappear. If one of these links does not work, use the search process to, hopefully, find a newer contract.

Search for “Contracts and Bid/RFP results” at Doing Business with the State and see if those contracts are open to use by more than one state agency, municipalities and non-profits.

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